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From the Parish Council Chairman - July 2020

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Dear Neighbours

I hope that you are all safe, well and surviving the ‘new normal’ as the pandemic continues to change our lives and our habits.

It’s been so long since I’ve been into my London TV office that I have mixed feelings about returning to commuting up the M40 versus the definite benefit of seeing one’s colleagues face to face every day to get the creative juices flowing.

Some jobs cannot be done from home (working at the JR, Mini factory, supermarkets etc), while the last three months have proved that many can. I suspect we’ll end up with a mix, as the cameraderie of a shared office is irreplaceable, but daily travel to our workplaces can be a waste of time and (literally) energy.

Though it all feels very quiet in our Parish, I know that everyone is busily getting on with life as we head into July, but without the usual chance to socialise around the village, meet in the Bat & Ball or play on the recreation ground.

As all the restrictions begin to open up we will all assess the risks differently, but I hope wisely, so that we don’t have a second wave of Covid-19 cases when the summer is over.

In the hope that one day the play equipment on the Rec will be safe to use, my fellow Councillor Richard Palmer and I have painted the roundabout ‘banana’ yellow, as selected by the Parish Council. I say we, but Richard did almost all of the work, and I struggled to paint fast enough to keep him from encroaching on my side of the roundabout. As penance for my ineptitude I am toying with the idea of painting the swings, though this is a tricky task and I therefore won’t commit here to completing the job before the summer ends.

Down in Denton I’ve been kept busy with the constant battering of fencing by the resident herd of cows and calves. They seem determined to knock down every section of the field above our house and there is hardly a day in the week that I am not called to fencing duty.

With no Newsletter in August, I do wish everyone a very good summer and a safe visit to the hairdressers, the re-opened church, a beer garden and perhaps even a restaurant or theatre.

As always, please contact any of your Parish Councillors if you have any concerns that we might help with. Our numbers are on the penultimate page of this Parish Rag.


Chris Luke, Chairman, Parish Council