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From the Parish Council Chairman - November 2020

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I hope you are all safe and well.

As we brace ourselves for the winter months and the potentially rocky road ahead I hope everyone can keep their spirits up and believe that there will be happier times.

This month we honour those who fought and died for our country. Both the soldiers on the battlefield and those at home must have wondered if there would ever be an end to the suffering and the dismantling of their way of life. Despite the scars and the sacrifice they did come through and we shall too.

This year I asked my daughter, Cate, to compose a little poem for the wreath that the Parish Council will lay at the Village War Memorial. I thought I should copy it here for those who might not make it to Cuddesdon Green before the wind and rain smudge the card and hide her words.

As winter draws in and we find warmth inside, 

we remember all those who fought and died. 

Though we’ve struggled ourselves in the last seven months

We honour our troops on this day of remembrance. 

What we face today is a different kind of test 

And we’ll summon the courage of the soldiers laid to rest

We now thank all the workers at today’s front line 

as they seek to preserve both your life and mine.




Chairman, Cuddesdon and Denton Parish Council