From the Parish Council Chairman - February 2021


Lockdown 3 and we never even got our 5 Days of Christmas.

Given that the ongoing pandemic continued to worsen through January, it was perhaps wise that our festive period was so heavily restricted, even though it felt like the cancellation of our only respite at the time.

Two months on and Covid 19 is continuing to reshape our lives and the vaccination of all of our community cannot come soon enough. We are very, fortunate that Dr Harnden and those at his Morland House practice in Wheatley are at the forefront of not only working on the vaccines but seemingly distributing them more efficiently than at almost any other practice in the UK.

Since I last wrote, I have more friends who’ve been struck by the tragedy of this awful pandemic and I suspect this might be the case for many, sadly. As a result, the unending boredom of being unable to head to london to do my job properly has been replaced by a blanket of melancholy and a feeling of responsibility to stay distanced for the safety of all those I most care about.

While I am literally becoming Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day’ and equally as grumpy and (if you know the song) ‘your hair’s too long’, I do have a few positive comments to end with. Firstly, while we can’t go in there, the Bat and Ball does very good Fish and Chips so every time it’s my turn to cook …. err … I don’t…. 

Secondly our Parish has an endless number of footpaths to walk on. My big job over the last year has been to tire out two young labradors and I got slightly bored of our usual walks during the lockdowns. Being lowly Dentoners we have always looked towards Garsington for our doggie escapades, but now we’re in lockdown 3 we have discovered new walks on the Cuddesdon side of the Parish and even enjoyed the fact that Cuddesdon Mill Road has been closed for 6 weeks. I pushed back on that with the builders and asked them to hurry it up, and I believe it will be accessible at times, but while the Mill Road is closed we might as well walk it…. I feel lucky to be in this Parish where we have the freedom to walk in open spaces, when so many others do not.

Please let the Parish Council know if you have any concerns on any matter at all; any needs, any questions; fire away. It’s why we exist, so please ask.


Chris Chairman, Cuddesdon and Denton Parish Council