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Nick Fazackerley- An Appreciation

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Nothing has been written about Nick Fazackerley who died in November and who during his time in Cuddesdon gave a lot to the church and, through being Treasurer for the Fete committee, gave a lot to the village.

Nick and Maureen moved to Cuddesdon in 1981 when he was appointed Branch Manager of the Natwest Bank at the corner of Cornmarket and George Street in the centre of Oxford where he was for the next five years before returning to work at head office in London. But Nick and Maureen chose not to move and from that time continued to make their home in Cuddesdon.

Both Nick and Maureen had spent their early lives in Lancashire and Nick remained an ardent supporter of the Lancashire Cricket Club. He played in his early days as a wicketkeeper for his local club and his love of cricket remained with him throughout his life. He was a member of the MCC and in his retirement journeyed up to Lords for all the big games.

He was a churchman through and through and soon became a regular attender of the early morning service here on Sundays. Being a banker, he was soon drawn in as Treasurer for the Church and for the Church Fete. Many of us who were on the Fete Committee will remember his meticulous accounts. He also played the piano and accompanied the carols when we toured the village ending at Mr and Mrs Luke’s for a welcome glass of mulled wine.

He was also engaged in other village activities and in particular was a member of Neighbourhood Watch. But his interests also extended beyond the village. He was a very keen Rotarian and was President of the Oxford Isis Club in 1988 and a member of the Oxford Clarendon Club. Often he would be seen on a Saturday in Westgate shaking a bucket for one of the charities supported by Rotary.

In his last few years he began to suffer from Alzheimers and spent the last two years of his life in a home at Abingdon. Nick and Maureen had three daughters, two of whom were married here in Cuddesdon.