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From the Parish Council Chairman - October 2021

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Happy October. I hope everyone is feeling a little more optimistic about life even if it remains uncertain how long we’ll be affected by covid.

It’s great to see the children back at school and Uni again and I hope we are on a path to recovery.

It has also been good to see people back in the pub and back on the Rec and the Parish Council has even asked for the Rec grass to be picked up so we can actually use it! (Many apologies about the delay on this…..)

As Mike mentions in his report, we need a new Councillor on our team, so if you feel you can give a few hours each month to help the village then please let us know asap.

The Parish Council met face-to-face in September and, with much to discuss, it was our longest meeting since the pandemic started. In fact our deliberations went on so long that one Councillor began the meeting on Zoom in London, got a train home and was able to join us in person for the final half hour. NB To be clear, this is not me bigging up the incredible efficiency of the train services but reiterating the length of the meeting!

Finally, I’m very excited to say that we’re going ahead with Bonfire Night on Sunday 7th November. I know this event originally represented something darker, but for me now this event celebrates ingenuity, democracy and community. The ingenuity that allowed scientists to break this pandemic, the democracy that enabled all of us to work together to defeat it and the community that, if we keep working together, makes sure that no one gets left behind.