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News from the Village Hall - March 2017

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We have had three very successful events through the last three months

– the musical evening where Hannah McGuinness and Rachel Ruscombe King sang superbly;  the Christmas breakfast where we had a superb Father Christmas (aka Salt Sellar) and the ‘Untold Theatre’ with their very good entertaining and educational performance of The Ghost of Mr Dickens. Once again, the annual bonfire and fireworks were excellent.  Many thanks to all those who made these events happen. The Bingo, pilates coffee mornings and circuits are all continuing well alongside the Mother and Toddlers and the WI.- Thanks everyone.

We have also had some very generous donations made to the hall over the Christmas period. Thank you very much to those who offered so generously. It really helps in so many ways to keep working at keeping our village hall a lively and well maintained centre for the village.
Please do consider organising parties and/or gatherings at the hall. It is a cosy and very user friendly space.

Lots to look forward to. So please come and support us.

Gillie King.