Great Haseley and District Horticultural Society - April 2017

We have had very varied weather over the last few weeks.   I went to SE Spain to join one of my sisters in her holiday apartment for a few days during the last week in February expecting at least a little sun and warmth, but it really was cool, damp and dull much of the time; this did not stop my Scottish brother-in-law from sporting his usual attire of kilt and a shirt whereas the girls were wearing multiple layers including fleece and waterproof.  I can certainly understand why there have been vegetable and salad shortages!  The poor weather did at least give us Malaga Botanic gardens largely to ourselves.  These gardens have only been in council ownership for about 25 years, but have splendid collections of trees and shrubs collected by a family over many decades.  The gardens lie on a steep slope so at the top there are magnificent views to be enjoyed over the tree canopy and there is a lovely little café serving homemade food.  Entry was the princely sum of 3 Euros and 10 cents for concessions.
On my return home I found much damage caused by the storm.  Our meadow used to be two separate fields separated by an old fence and the remains of an ancient hedge.  This consisted of three very, very old hawthorns with huge girths and much dieback. We lost one in December 2013 when it simply fell over in a storm which left two.  One became completely dead a couple of years ago and, of course, it was the one our son, Paul, and his wife had chosen to plant a rambling rose ‘Paul’s Himalayan Musk’ several years ago.  The rose was doing rather well and I was looking forward to a wonderful show this year, but it was not to be. Around 90% of the tree simply fell over and broke up. We managed to rescue some of the rose and propped it back over the remains of the tree.  We are hopeful that the last little part will survive a few more years now it is so slim.  My other half has planted a young oak next to it which we hope will take over in due course.  Despite being a keen chainsaw wielder, he has declared the high broken branches in a large ash to be too dangerous and has called in a tree surgeon (so they must be really dangerous if he is not prepared to tackle them!).
Last week brought some beautiful weather with warmth and sunshine.  Spring definitely seems to be on its way! Keep on top of cutting back and weeding and enjoy all the beautiful spring bulbs while they last.
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By the time you are reading this I will have stepped down from the GHDHS committee and my role as membership secretary and made way for new blood.  However, I will be continuing to write these pieces which I must emphasise are my own opinions and do not reflect the views of the GHDHS.
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