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Wheatley Library - April 2017

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A few reviews from our library users: 

“The library is fabulous – beautiful building, brilliant staff and good books – so grateful it is in this village”

“It is a real treat to come here.  The staff are so friendly, helpful and patient both here and on the phone.”

“What a fantastic experience going to Wheatley Library is.”

“Love you Wheatley Library!  Long may you continue!”

“What I like about the library.  You can get different books from different libraries and there is always a lot to choose from.”

“The library is a sanctuary!  It’s a place for the whole family.  There is nothing better than finding a really good book to settle down with”

“The computers have become a necessity having no internet at home.  It is a very good environment to work.”

“What is fabulous about this library or any library is that I can choose a particular book or I can be inspired to read something completely random.  Libraries are very precious and let everyone learn, read, educate and enjoy themselves in a book!”

“It’s a great library with books for all ages.  We come every Thursday for storytime and craft.”

“We come to the library for story time every week.”

“I’ve always loved the atmosphere in libraries; Wheatley Library is no exception.  Staff are very friendly and it’s good to see so many enthusiastic children.”

Come into the library and find out what you love about Wheatley Library.

01865 875267