John Howell MP Writes - July 2017


A look back at recent key issues in Westminster and the Constituency

With the General Election now behind us I am writing this on the day MPs gather at Westminster for the start of the new Parliament. I feel honoured to be back here. I am, of course, grateful to those who supported me on polling day, however once polling day is over successful candidate is the MP for everyone who lives in the Constituency. In my work as MP I have always worked hard for those I represent and as such I am interested to know people’s views and am open to listening to differing sides of debates as issues arise. I find such debates helpful in forming my own view, and in the end coming to my own judgement on issues.

There is little doubt that this election has drawn some important national issues to the fore and I look forward to working through these in the coming months. Sometimes people have personal issues or problems and seek the advice of their MP. I am happy to try to help with issues where possible. Strictly speaking MPs are able to help with matters in their own constituency for which Parliament is responsible such as concerns relating to HM Revenue and Customs and the Borders Agency. However many of the issues that are raised with me are matters for our local councils and you have elected representatives to these council who are often best placed to help. For example matters such as planning and housing are dealt with by the district council, whilst issues relating to highways and social services come under the remit of the county council. Full details of the responsibilities of the different councils can be found on their websites and my office is always willing to try to direct you to the best point of contact for help should you need it.

I do hold surgeries and as the constituency is geographically large I move them around to try to be nearer to different communities at different times. However with the use of technology many issues can be addressed more promptly using phone and email. In my experience over the last 9 years as your MP, I have found more and more issues have been dealt with in this way. It enables much more prompt action to get the ball rolling to resolve issues. Individual case issues are usually dealt with through my constituency office so in the first instance please call there if you would like help or advice.
I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming months and hearing from many more on the various issues that will no doubt arise.

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