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From the County Councillor - December 2017

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This has been a busy time for me in many ways.

I have been supporting the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway Action Group in their advocacy for protecting our Green Belt. We are asking for full Public Consultation on where the Expressway goes, believing that local residents should have a say in the largest infrastructure project planned for this area in a generation.
My motion to Full Council on November 7th calling for bus service provision for everyone in the county passed unanimously. This is a super result, and will lead to much better transport provision in areas which have had their services cut. Here is the text of the motion:
“Oxfordshire’s growing population includes increasing numbers of both very young people and those of retirement age. Both groups are key users of public transport and especially buses. Public transport has proven environmental benefits in supporting the county’s move towards a low-carbon future.

The Council calls on Cabinet to work towards:
• a set of principles whereby every resident has access to daily public transport. Not only would this help promote the development of communities, integrate society and allow both young and old to reside anywhere in the county, it would also be in line with the Local Transport Plan whereby “accessible bus connections will enable disabled people, the elderly and those unable to drive to travel more.

• creating a spider-web of bus networks within the county, with key hubs linking the strands. These hubs, serving the rural villages, would be intrinsic to connecting our towns and Oxford city. The buses would range in sizes, from minivans to full-scale buses, depending on demand.
This Council asks Cabinet to write to bus companies encouraging them to run a hub network in which all bus services should be frequent and reliable. Differing operating models such as co-operative, mutual and social enterprise models should be encouraged in providing these services with new technological innovations, for example app-based hail-n-ride, can be part of the solution.”


Kirsten Johnson