Village Hall AGM - November 2017


Chair’s Report

Welcome to the Annual General Meeting of Cuddesdon Village Hall and thank you very much for coming .

I hope to share with you the work the Committee has put in to the activities and changes of the past year and describe the forthcoming events that are due to take place in this lovely hall over the next twelve months.

There have been some significant improvements in the hall over the past twelve months. We have replaced the ‘firedoor’ and windows on the recreation side of the hall. This has already made the hall feel warmer and less drafty. The outside front door has been repainted thanks to Salt.
We have WiFi installed thanks to the hard work of Lynda Gray and we hope to set up a 100 club to help meet the cost of this new instalation.

We are making progress with the idea of a possible archive room  to be installed in one of the back rooms. This project emerged after the very successful village play and exhibition about Cuddesdon through the first war and especially commemorating 100 years after 1916.The idea of the project is to provide the village with an archive resource for past historical and personal histories. Grants are being sought for financial backing for the instalment of furniture and equipment and we are very indebted to the everlasting hard work of Kathy and Keith Hawley.

For this project, the other room has been decorated  by Aaron Fox Wheddon and we are indebted to his work. And in order to gain more space, we have now ‘inhabited’ the shed outside on the recreation ground.

Other small works have been carried out. We are indebted to Michael and Jan Rayner for ‘sorting’ the railings at the front, Aaron for painting the railings and we continue to be indebted to the WI for the maintenance and upkeep of the planters at the front of the hall. Thank you all very much.
Activities in the Hall.

The Hall continues to host many different village organisations – the Parish Council; the W.I.;  mother and toddlers – a big thank to Zoe for her hard work with this group; pilates – Penny has recently taken over the group which continues to run well; circuits ( for the slightly aged!) runs every Monday. All these activities are always open to new members and I am sure would be welcomed.

We hold Bingo evenings every two months – and a huge thank you to Averil and Janet for, in spite of considerable personal injuries over the past months, have persevered with holding the Bingo. We have not missed a session!

The Film Club continues to be held monthly with some very interesting films . A big thank you to John and Lizzie Cook and Mark Chapman for providing some great films.

Ringing the Hand bells continues regularly under Tom’s watchful eye and the monthly Coffee Mornings are very popular. A large section of the village community gather together each month forming a lively active group. . Thanks to Jean Mackintosh and all those involved. And once again the annual Harvest supper was a great success. Mark Chapman is a great cook!

We have just had the fireworks night - a very generous gift from the Parish Council to the village community. Both fireworks and food were expertly managed A big thank you to all for brining us as a community together in all these different ways.


Bookings of the hall for parties, weddings, private events are the financial bread and butter of the village hall. They continue to come in, at times somewhat slowly. We do continue to advertise the hall and many customers return year after year. And we are indebted to Susan Palmer who puts in a huge amount of work showing people round the hall and receiving enquiries. It is important to say that perhaps it is beholden to us all to encourage friends and family to use the hall as a venue to continue this income stream. We also acknowledge that there have been some disturbance to neighbours of the hall from a couple of loud parties through the summer.. We do apologise for this. There is however a clause in the hiring agreement asking hirers to respect neighbours and consider the level of noise. We are happy to hear from anyone who is inconvenienced in this way so that it can be addressed with the hirer


There have been many successful events held in the hall through the year.  Some events, we have discovered, have not been popular so we have tried a slightly different tack with musical evenings; a theatre company came in January; the May Day art exhibition and breakfast was held in May and of course ,the famous John Paxton coffee morning.

We continue to plan lots of events – we have the ‘Cuddesdon Conversations’ happening every month inspired by Robert Wilson)_ and they will continue through next year; there is a musical evening on Saturday 18th November, a cookery evening is planned and there will be an evening of Parlour Songs on February 24th. Lots to look forward. Please can we ask that if you have any ideas, suggestions or wishes for activities in the village hall, please do let us know. It is your hall and your village.

Lastly, I would like to share my great appreciation for all the ,members of the Village Hall Committee who work tirelessly, in their own time throughout the year at all sorts of jobs and tasks; our treasurer Linda Collins who manages the books with clarity and competency – never an enviable job; Jan Rayner the deputy chair who is always there to offer support; Susan Palmer as our bookings secretary who works tirelessly at promoting the hall in so many different ways; Niki Carter our minutes secretary who always gets the minutes out in time; Lynda Gray, the DIY queen – very efficient at all different tasks; Rachel Plowright our last years college representative who had great ideas and showed great support for our hall; Mark Chapman –a consistent and constant link with college and church; Juliana Fox Wheddon – our WI representative who offers us such practical advice and Sister Ann Vorena for her companionship and wisdom. We do need representation from the college and the Parish Council to make our committee complete. And we are always looking for people to come and join the committee to help with the future upkeep of this valuable building.

Thank you too to all those in the community that have so actively supported us through the year; to the Church community who always support us so well; to those who have offered us some very generous donations; those who have helped us at events and those who come to join us in participation of running this beautiful village hall.

Working together, may next year be as creative, productive and fun.

Thank you
Gillie King