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From the Vicar - March 2018

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There are a number things happening across the Benefice this Lent and Easter.

On a Thursday evening in March at 8 pm there is a series of Lent talks where different speakers will be reflecting on the cross through the writings of leading theologians in history such as Julian of Norwich, Martin Luther and Jurgen Moltmann.  Much like the Saints’ and Sinners Series, these three talks aim to enable theological discussion within the pew and give an introduction to what Julian, Luther and Moltmann say on the theology of the cross. 

For those of you who like to read the Archbishop’s Lent Book is Say it to God by Luigi Gioia which is all about prayer and you are very welcome to discuss it on 28th March at 7.30 pm at Christa’s house, 97 Southend in Garsington.   The York Course is well under way and meets at John Llewelyn’s house on Gidley Way in Horspath to consider the mystery of the resurrection using the York Course ‘On the Third Day’.  There are also two opportunities to enter into the story of Easter in a more creative and less cerebral way.  For the two weeks running up to Easter, namely from Passion to Easter Sunday, we will be once again setting up the interactive prayer stations called ‘Experience Easter’ in St Giles’ which enable you, in your own time and way to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and enter into the story of Easter.  Whereas in St Mary’s in Garsington during the whole of Holy Week there will be a display of a series of paintings by the Benedictine Sisters of Turvey Abbey that mark the journey of Jesus to the Cross called The Footsteps of Christ: Journey to the Cross and Beyond.  These modern Stations enable you in your own way to prayerfully enter the story of Easter.  Please drop in any time and on Good Friday at 3.30 pm we invite you to gather to pray with images to enable you to journey to the cross on this very important day of the year.   Similarly on Good Friday St Giles’ will be set aside as a place of quiet and prayer from 12 noon to 3 pm the tradition time when Jesus hung on the cross.  For the younger members of our community there is an Easter Workshop at Garsington school from 10 am to 12 noon when you will a chance to do a variety of activities, play and sing.  The workshop is run through the school and further notification will be given out to parents but it is open to anyone of school age in our communities.

For those of you who like a more formal liturgy we will be keeping the final hour before the cross at All Saints’ on Good Friday from 2pm with the Good Friday Liturgy and then on Easter Sunday we will be celebrating the mystery of Easter at a dawn service which includes the vigil, lighting of the Easter fire and Communion.  We are delighted that all the churches in the benefice are kept open during daylight hours for you to drop into as and when you wish.  We hope that, in your own way, you will be able to enter into this special time of year and so come to experience for yourselves the full joy of the Easter mystery.