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Church Bells Restored - September 2018

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It was a long time coming – since before the millennium - but the Church Bells have been restored.

One bell, which was porous, has been replaced and all six bells have been tuned and fitted with new ropes and fixings. The frame has been strengthened and everything cleaned and treated with insecticide. It was a challenging undertaking and fraught with complications that could not have been anticipated.

This project was part of a wider intention to protect Cuddesdon’s heritage. More specifically it was a response to disappointment that the bells had been silent for far too long and that people wanted to hear them, especially on special occasions – weddings, Sundays, jubilee celebrations and national events. Siegfried Sassoon wrote that he heard the bells of our church ring out to celebrate the armistice in 1918 as he walked in the Cuddesdon water meadows and we set a goal that they ring again on the 100th anniversary of the ending of WW1. I am sure that our new team of bell ringer will see that they are.

The work has been disruptive to normal use of the church and appreciation is extended to those, including the College, who have put up with the inconvenience. The work could not have been undertaken of course without enormous support and encouragement from many people in the village and beyond and to all of them heart-felt thanks. Waveney Luke, Robert Wilson, Lynda Ware and Richard Palmer have made specific contributions which ensured that everything came together.

I intend to write a more comprehensive record of this project in due course but meanwhile hope that everyone enjoys the wonderful sounds coming from the Church Tower. Finally, if any-one would like to join the team of bell ringers they would be most welcome - training available if needed.

Keith Hawley