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From the Vicar - September 2018

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On the evening of 16th August after a long wait and numerous setbacks the new bells of Cuddesdon at last rang out over the village and fields of the surrounding area.

The team of bellringers gathered from across the region rang a quarter peal which took about 40 minutes to complete.  Villagers, friends and parishoners gathered in the churchyard to hear them ring and enjoy the golden glow of the evening light.  Many people have contributed to make this possible, not least Keith Hawley whose original passion for hearing the bells ring out on 11.11.18 just as Sigfried Sassoon heard them 100 years ago to make the end of the First World War, but also the churchwardens Robert Wilson and Richard Palmer who made a dream become a tangible reality, Waveney Luke an avid supporter of the restoration of the bells for many years, Lynda Ware for all the fundraising she has done for the project, to the contractors who carried out the work, the PCC members for their support and finally, to all of you who have contributed in supporting events and giving of your time and money, thank you.

As usual at this time of year we welcome all those who are moving into the village to start their ordination training at the college.  We hope you will soon settle into your new home and look forward to welcoming you to your parish church in the near future.  Some events which are going on in the coming months and to look out for are: Harvest on 30th September which this year is a special Songs of Praise service for everyone who works the land either for livelihood or leisure, the Benefice Celebration Day this year is slightly different, with a party at the Rectory after the morning Celebration Service, a time just to be together and build up friends.  Next month we will be holding a Pet Service in the church and do look out for the next instalment of the Saints and Sinners Series which this time looks at the women saints on the reredos of the church.