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Parish News - September 2019

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Ken Meek is moving away from the village and so he has decided to resign as a councillor.

This means there is a now a vacancy for a parish councillor. Any resident who lives in Cuddesdon or Denton or within three miles of the parish is allowed to be a councillor, so, if you are interested in this role, please contact me or any of the parish councillors.

It is good to see the new multiplay facility being enjoyed by younger children from the village. The equipment was installed very efficiently during August, causing very little disturbance in the village. It is intended to replace the swing seats and chains soon, and also to replace the roundabout material.

The project has been funded by a £22,000 grant from FCC Communities Foundation, using the Landfill Communities Fund. FCC is a not-for-profit business. The Parish Council has contributed £2,300 to the project.

The CADET fund was a fund started many years ago to assist residents making trips for medical reasons to the surgery or hospital. There is less money in the fund now so future payments will be limited to £10 per trip for people having medical treatment and £5 per trip if you are visiting someone in hospital. Please contact me if you want to use the fund.

The District Council has granted planning permission for the erection of a building to replace some outhouses in the garden at The Orchard in Cuddesdon (P18/S3070/HH).

An agricultural notification has been made for the erection of a barn at the Platt in Chippinghurst (P19/S1685/AG) and the District Council is satisfied that prior approval is not required for this development.

A planning application has been made for the replacement of some stores by a single storey extension to the rear of 44 High Street in Cuddesdon (P19/S1893/HH). The Parish Council has no objections to this and the application has been granted by the District Council.

A request has been made for the installation of a dormer window and some skylights at 4 The Lane in Cuddesdon (P19/S2530/LDP). The applicant considers that this is a permitted development and does not require planning permission.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk