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Garsington CE Primary School - December 2015

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It’s been a busy but very enjoyable year so far at Garsington CE Primary School.

We have lots we would like to write about so the children have helped with this edition. They have decided to write about some of the changes at our school and key events that we have celebrated and events coming up at the school. 

Since September we have had a new Headteacher called Ms d’Archambaud. Some of the changes that we like have included Friendship Time, buddies, rewards for being responsible and Lollie (Ms d’Archambaud’s dog).

Harvest Festival
Last term the school celebrated Harvest Festival at St Mary’s Church. The younger children made our traditional Harvest Loaf and the older children talked about the Parable of the Sower and about famine.  At our Harvest service we thought about people who may not have enough food and how this would feel. We thanked God for providing our food and we remembered all the people who grow our food and help bring it to our tables.

During Remembrance week we thought about the people who have given up their lives fighting in wars for us. We all made a remembrance brick to remember someone that we love. We helped raise money by selling poppies, bands and badges. The money went to the poppy appeal.

Children in Need 2015
This term we have been thinking about children less fortunate than we are by dressing up as our heroes. We also held a bingo night for all ages that was really good fun. Thank you to everyone who helped us to raise over £200!

This term we have more exciting events ….

The article was written by Ted, Charlie, Finley and Jamie with a little bit of help from Ms d’Archambaud