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Great Haseley and District Horticultural Society - June 2016

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The past year has been spent preparing for a momentous occasion in our lives.

Our daughter, Ally, is to be married in St Mary's church, Great Milton to her beloved fiancé, Mike, this coming Saturday. The reception is to be held in a marquee in our garden which is already in position. As a keen gardener this has meant that not only are we preparing for a wedding, but also a garden open day.

I have been growing and planting things which I had hoped would be in flower for May 21st; this has not been easy as the spring has been very cold and pretty much everything has been delayed in flowering, but the last of the tulips are almost finished too. This time last year I had masses of peonies, sweet rocket, Erigeron annuus (an odd name as it is definitely a perennial), alliums, geraniums. This year only the alliums are flowering and even they are only just starting. My sister is doing the church flowers and had been hoping to use the Erigeron which makes an excellent 'filler' plant with its white daisies. However, I pruned the roses in November just enough to prevent wind rock (always a problem here - the wind can sometimes loosen tall plants in the soil so that they topple over) and have not further pruned most of them at all. The result is that a number of roses are already in flower which is a very welcome sight.

I have already put pots of Marguerites out of the greenhouse as, although they are tender, they tend not to suffer quite as much as some other bedding plants in the very cold nights we have been having. I have large (10inch) pots of mixed white bedding, which I have grown from plug plants and cuttings from last year's plants, ready to go outside in the terracotta pots which still have orange Ballerina tulips hanging on. I think the heavy rain today and a few more days of warmth will hasten the tulips' end. I would not normally put summer pots outside much before June here as we may still have frost, but this year needs must!

I have grown Pheasants Eye Narcissi in large pots keeping them entirely out of the sun and they are just opening this week which I am very pleased about as they are very strongly scented. Their leaves look a little tatty so I will either cut and arrange them, or position them, still in their pots, behind a low wall by the gate which will brighten the entrance when guests walk back from the church.

Ally is very sad about the weather forecast which today, with only three days to go, shows heavy rain nearly all day. The garden is as good as I can get it and I hope there will be at least a short break in the weather for guests to enjoy it. The most important thing is joining with friends and family to witness in church the joining in marriage of these two very happy young people.

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