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Garsington CE Primary School - May 2016

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It has been another busy term at Garsington CE Primary School.

Just before Easter we all enjoyed our Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Hat parade and an amazing performance by our Year 3 and 4 pupils.
‘The Year 3 and 4 play was really good because the singing was lovely. The play was about pirates and mermaids and was very funny. We also did an Easter Egg Hunt. We scored house points for finding eggs around the school. ’ Abi
 At the time of writing this newsletter we are busy preparing for our Mayday celebrations and our first Great Garsington Bake Off.
‘It is the first time that we have had a bake off and we are really looking forward to experimenting with different recipes and trying the cakes!’ Kiera
This year we have been developing our school values and after lots of discussions we have decided that we will all aspire to be Red Kite Learners. Each letter in Red Kite represents one of our school values.
R: Responsible (Making sensible choices, being trusted)
E: Enthusiastic (Being excited by learning and enjoying school)
D: Determined (Not giving up, feeling challenged)
K: Kind (Welcoming others, treating each other with respect, being thoughtful)
I: Independent (Using initiative, solving problems)
T: Team Player (Listening to each other, playing together, learning together)
E: Enriched (Getting fully involved in school life, recognising and developing interests and talents)
‘The Red Kites are a good idea because they will help us to work as a team and everyone will know what is expected of them.’ Eleanor
This article has been written by three of our Year 5 pupils Abigail West, Kiera Slattery and Eleanor Hale with a small amount of help from Ms d’Archambaud (Headteacher)
Dates for your diary:
Saturday 25th June   - Summer BBQ 2 – 5pm
Tuesday 12th July - Sports Day and Picnic (FS & KS1 - AM, KS2 – PM)
Friday 15th July – Whole School Race for Life at Garsington playing fields.

Z’dArchambaud, Headteacher