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Village Hall Report - December 2016

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A report from the Chair at the AGM of the Village Hall Committee.

As Chair, I would like to outline where we are ‘at’ with the Village Hall here in November 2016. Last year, about this time we completed a considerable renovation of the hall which I think remains very visible to all and has been a great success. We repainted, installed a new lighting scheme and renovated the  floor. This was costly , as will be seen in our treasurers report, but nevertheless very worth while.

So this year we have continued to focus on small issues of maintenance. Jan and Michael Rayner did a remarkable ‘gardening ‘ job at the front and Aaron Fox Wheddon is painting the railings as we speak. The WI maintain the wonderful planters at the front of the whole. A huge thank you to all those people.

Our next project has to focus on the upkeep of the fire door and windows on that side of the hall. Although they were repainted only two years ago, they are so exposed to the elements that repair is needed again. The committee is considering replacement windows and door and this is our next large budgetary project.

We continue to play an important role in Village life providing a place to meet and gather. We host the WI, the Parish Council, the Film club, Bingo Mother and Toddlers and the monthly coffee mornings as well as messy church Pilates, exercise class and more.

We remain available for private bookings – parties, celebrations, rehearsal space. Our rent remains very competitive and the committee has done considerable advertising in the local area,  making the public aware of the rental possibilities for the hall. Please can I take this opportunity to ask everyone to promote the use of the hall amongst family and friends so that our income can be boosted from this income stream. Particular thanks to Susan for all her hard work in organising the booking system.

We have held several fund raising events – May Day Breakfast Harvest Supper and the Queens birthday celebrations. The latter was not well supported, nor indeed were the monthly village suppers we tried to organise and we need to keep thinking creatively about the events we run – ie what works and what does not work. At this point can I thank Linda Collins for being our remarkable treasurer – not an envied role – as she does it with great efficiency and keeps a tight eye on proceedings.

We held a musical evening on Saturday, we plan a Christmas Breakfast in December and for the second time a visiting theatre is coming on 17th January. We are always leaning to the village for continuing and on going support from the village for these events not only to provide income for this delightful old hall but importantly for the welfare of community that is so essential in a village like ours. This was so beautifully demonstrated on Bonfire night this year with a wonderful combined project between the village hall, the Parish council and the Bat and Ball – our newly renovated pub. A terrific community event culminating in a party in the pub – thus supporting all aspects of village life.  At this point may I mention the wonderful World War 1 project that took place with the support of the church that was so successful just this time last year, reflecting the extraordinary talent and resources that lie in our community. When harnessed, look what we can all achieve.

The village hall is very keen to continue to play its part in that combined partnership and will continue to ask for all your support in the venture. If anyone has any ideas about how that may be achieved, we would be delighted to hear from you .. and if anyone would like to come and help us on the Committee you would be very very welcome
May I thank the committee members for their tireless work through the year. May that continue and look forward to a creative and energetic year to come .

With my best wishes to all and thank you for your attention.
Gillie King


A comment the committee has received this year:

Just a quick note to thank you so much for enabling me to hire the village hall on 22nd October for my birthday celebration. It was absolutely perfect for our purposes: the acoustic was very good for chamber music, it was just the right size and the facilities were just what we needed. We all also appreciated the setting in such a beautiful village- altogether a memorable event! .