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Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: John Howell MP Opposed to Cuddesdon Route

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John Howell MP does not think that it would be appropriate for the expressway to be routed  past Cuddesdon, mainly because of the damage it would cause to the environment.

Mr Howell is not opposed to the Expressway in itself providing a good route can be found for it He has been trying to arrange a meeting with the Secretary of State to discuss the issue and should give us further news after the meeting.

Mr Howell was responding to an email which Chris Luke, the Parish Council Chairman, had sent to him expressing the community’s concerns about the expressway’s possible route.


Neighbourhood Plan

The application to develop a neighbourhood plan has been registered with the District Council. Some funding is available and this will be used so that work can begin to prepare a report on the village’s assets and character.

The action group developoing the neighbourhood plan is a sub-committee of the Parish Council. The neighbourhood plan will include arguments against the building of a road near us.

Peter Rutt is the chairman of the group and the members are Mavina Baker, John Bennett, John Cook, Nick King, Chris Luke, Lorna Robertson,, Arthur Smith-Fitchett, Lynda Ware and Robert Wilson.


Another Possible Expressway Route

Mark Stone, the new chief executive of the District Council has said that a new ‘southern’ southern route for the expressway is being talked about. It would start at the Didcot turn on the A34 and be aimed at the M40, Thame and Aylesbury. It might run further south from us, towards Little Milton. The routing would depend on the location of the intersection between the expressway and the M40. The Harrington project described below may have an influence on this.


Possible Housing Development Near the M40

The possibility of building a new town near the M40 at junction 7 is being discussed again. The name for this town would be Harrington and it would have 11,000 homes. Previously this development was known as Stone Bassett. Along with the airfield at Chalgrove, this is one of the District Council’s preferred sites for a housing development because it is outside the green belt. The location of Harrington is shown on a map here, and is referred to on page 32 of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan which you can view here.


Approval for Housing Development North of Abingdon

 A planning application has been approved to allow a development with 950 homes to the north of Abingdon. Also, the A34 access north of Abingdon (the Lodge Hill interchange) will be changed to allow traffic to enter and leave from the south as well as the north.

The government will contribute a £9.45 million funding boost over four years towards the scheme.

There is more information about the changes to the Lodge Hill Interchange on Oxfordshire County Council’s website.

It is not clear what effect this development might have on the routing of the expressway.


Some Other Links

Click here to see a briefing note which gives some background information on the decision making process concerning the expressway. 

The Parish Council has commented on the District Council's Local Plan with regard to the expressway and you can read their comments here.

 The government's Expressway Study Report can be seen here, with a map indicating possible routes on page 39.