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Walking For Jay

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 Walking For Jay

Katrina Sheldon is walking 500 miles in support of a cancer charity.



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 The Jay Sheldon Trust (registration pending) is a charity whose aim is to raise money for research into the little known ‘childhood’ cancer Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumour (DSRCT). The trust has been created the trust in memory of Katrina's son Jay. Jay was 29 years old when he was diagnosed with DSRCT and 31 when he died just before Christmas last year. He left behind a young widow, two small boys, a promising career and a hope that his dying would not be in vain.

‘Walking For Jay’ is designed to launch the Jay Sheldon Trust. Zebbie dog and Katrina (with some help from intrepid friends) are walking from Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, where Jay was treated, to Oxford (his childhood home town). This is a journey of around 500 miles, using footpaths, tracks and bridleways and avoiding roads as much as possible. The walk started on 26th August 2017 and, if all goes well, finishes in the centre of Oxford in late September or early October. The main purpose of the walk is to raise public awareness of DSRCT and hopefully also raise funds for research into the disease.

DSRCT is a rare and devastating sarcoma with a dismal outcome. It affects children and young adults, and the average age range is from 15 to 30 years old. The five year survival statistics are very poor - less than 15%. It is a fast growing stealth bomber of a tumour that even after treatment rapidly and readily returns. It is difficult to diagnose, not least because the understanding of the disease is restricted to a few specialists worldwide, but also because often the symptoms of DSRCT only start to manifest themselves when the tumour is already large. It frequently grows intra-abdominally so it can be easily confused with other conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). By the time of Jay’s diagnosis and subsequent operation, his tumour weighed 5kg.

There is a very real need for research funding for this cancer despite (and indeed because of) the disease’s rarity. Currently there is virtually no funding and DSRCT remains a largely unknown cancer even among clinicians. The Jay Sheldon Trust aspires to raise both funds for and the profile of this highly aggressive and little understood disease.  All funds raised will go into research of DSRCT. The Jay Sheldon Trust is particularly interested in achieving a better understanding into the cause of the disease, a better and earlier diagnosis, and a more effective and less brutal treatment regime.

DSRCT will almost certainly never attract the attention or funds of the larger cancer charities and foundations. The hope is that Jay’s legacy will help others in the future.


 Any support and encouragement on Katrina's walk is hugely welcome whether it is following her journey on social media or by sponsoring the event. 

If you would like to sponsor Walking for Jay this can be done either through or by cheque made out to ‘Jay Sheldon Fundraising’ or directly into the bank.  Sort Code:  158000 A/c: 11660064. You can follow the walk on Twitter and Facebook: WalkingforJay or on Instagram: zebbiewalks4jay. Katrina is enormously thankful to everyone who has helped and supported her in so many ways – she couldn’t have got this far without the support.  Special thanks to Colourplus, who sponsored the T-shirts, Christine Green who created the logo, The Book House in Thame who subsidised the maps, Pets Corner, who are providing the dog food and to a donor who would like to remain anonymous but has been invaluable in every aspect of the planning.  Katrina hopes that she doesn’t let anyone down and most importantly doesn’t let Jay down.