Oxford to Cambridge Expressway - Press Release Hits the Front Page


 The Expressway Action Group have issued a press release, which formed the basis of the front page story in the Oxford Times on 26th October.

 The paper's editorial agreed that residents should be included in the planning process and there were also some letters opposing the southern routing of the expressway.

Peter Rutt, Chairman of the Action Group, appeared on Oxford's South Today on 27th October and on Radio Oxford, which you can listen to here.

Read the press release here.

 The two maps mentioned in the press release are here and here.


Another Meeting of Parish Councils

There was another well attended meeting of local parish councils at the village hall in October.

There are now 19 parish councils in the expressway action group.

Also present were two district councillors, two county councillors, and John Cotton, the leader of SODC. Mr Cotton has written to the NIC in favour of the northern route option but he has also said that he would want to be involved if a southern route was preferred, to help set its exact course through the district.  It seems that he can live with a southern option if that is the NIC and Highways England recommendation. The presence of several district and county councillors at the meeting shows that the letter and email campaign is having an effect and that we have support within the councils.

Some very interesting suggestions were made about how to carry forward and improve the campaign and these ideas are being considered by the group.


Comment on SODC’s Local Plan

The publicity period, when you can comment on the South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2033, runs until 22nd November. You can see the Plan and how to comment on it at SODC’s website . There is also more information from SODC about this if you click here. You can also see a briefing about the plan


Still Time to Write

The National Infrastructure Commission's final report on the Oxford - Cambridge Expressway is likely to be published in November. All the letter and email writing is having an effect.

If you feel strongly about the possible southern routing of the expressway then send emails and letters of concern to the likes of the National Infrastructure Commission themselves and MPS and Councillors. We need to let the decision makers know how we feel.

All the South Oxfordshire parishes are united in arguing that the Northern Route (the upgrading and widening of the A34) is much cheaper and much more effective.

Cuddesdon and Denton Parish Council feels that the village should also mailshot hard, just as other parishes are doing.

Some of the arguments you could make are shown here.


Who You Might Write To

 Click here to see a list of possible people to write to.


Some Other Links

 Click here to see a briefing note which gives some background information on the decision making process concerning the expressway.

There is an NIC document including a map showing possible routings for the expressway. You can see the document here, with the map on page 9. The southern routes include the one near us as well as one joining with the A34 south of Abingdon.

 The government's Expressway Study Report can be seen here, with a map indicating possible routes on page 39.

 County councillors have had a briefing on the expressway options and a copy of the notes on the briefing can be seen here.

The Parish Council has commented on the District Council's Local Plan with regard to the expressway and you can read their comments here.