Parish Council Opposes New Dovehouse Farm Planning Application


The arrangement of buildings in the new application is as it was before.

In the previous application made in 2010, there was the same mixture of conversions and new buildings. However, the listed barn is now going to be converted into a single residential property rather than being converted into offices. Also, there will be no affordable housing, since the total number of properties on the site will be nine, and the law now is that if there are fewer than ten properties in a development then affordable housing does not have to be included.

You can view the planning application here.

The Parish Council is opposed to the new application for three reasons:

1  The amount of gross floor space in the development will be greater than 1000 sqm, requiring affordable housing to be included (as stated in the national Planning Practice Guidance). The Parish Council regards it as essential that affordable housing is included, to be available for local people in perpetuity, for the long term good of the community. This will prevent future generations being driven away from the village because of the high housing cost.

2  The planning application does not include development of the area to the east of the site. The Parish Council considers it essential that a covenant is placed on this area to prevent any possible future development.

3  The Parish Council does not think the application properly protects the tithe barn, which is a listed building.

The proposal is that the barn is converted for residential use, by inclusing habitation pods within it. The barn will be an outer shell, not part of the habitation structure. As such, it will not require complete restoration.

The plan does not demonstrate enough evidence that the barn will be secure in the long term. It is likely that the barn will eventually become untenable and have to be removed. The only way to avoid this is for the barn to be an integral part of the development rather than a separate structure.