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Parish News - August 2018

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A large amount of soil has been put on the recreation ground to lessen the slope at the entrance

This should make it easier to get in, particularly for buggies and wheelchairs. The topsoil was kindly provided by Chris Luke, who is having some building work done at his house. It was transported to the recreation ground by David Keene and spread out with a digger by Salt Sellar. It will be seeded when there is enough rain.

The main leaks on the road to Cuddesdon Mill and at the bottom of Denton Hill have been repaired and are both much improved. However, there is still some surface water at both locations and so some further investigation will be required to prevent the roads being damaged again. After a long while, the parapets at each of the bridges at Cuddesdon Mill have also been repaired.

OCC have said that they do not think the traffic at Cuddesdon Mill is exceeding 30mph, and the police would most likely say that a mandatory speed limit there was not enforceable. Also, it would cost the Parish Council about £4000 to implement a speed limit, and so it has been decided that this will not be done.

Katrina Sheldon is retiring as editor of the Newsletter after many years in the role. I know that Katrina tries hard to get the Newsletter out on time each month, despite it being difficult to persuade some contributors to deliver their copy promptly.  As treasurer, I have only had to edit the Newsletter once, when Katrina had to be away, and would not want to do it regularly. I am sure the whole community would like to thank Katrina for her service over many years. We are very fortunate that Therese Luke has kindly agreed to become the new editor.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk