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Village Hall Report - November 2018

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Cuddesdon Village Hall: Chair's Report at the AGM   21.11.18

Cuddesdon Village Hall is an important feature in the landscape and life of the village of Cuddesdon. It is an historic building built as a reading room, dating back to 1880 and holds much of its original charm. The hall hosts many different activities that reflect village life – Parish Council meetings, WI, coffee mornings, film club, bingo, circuits, pilates and is available for annual village events – bonfire night, Harvest supper, art shows, Christmas events, music evenings, Cuddesdon Conversations. The list is long.

We had some great events in the hall this year  - The Edwardian Evening, The Greek Evening;  Harvest supper and most recently, the commemoration of 100 years since the end of World War 1.

A  big thank you to all the committee members who have worked tirelessly through the year to organise these events as well as making sure the hall is smoothly managed and looked after.

There is also a new project afoot.. – the launch of an archive room where members of the public can come and search for personal and public details that are held in the Oxfordshire Archive System – an exciting project that will stir interest in local and national history. 

The Hall is in a good state of repair with newly fitted windows and fire door and some redecoration will take place when installing the Archive Room making it an attractive venue for private hire – for weddings, birthday parties and other family functions.

The Village Hall is a charity and is run by a management committee Constitutionally, four of the committee members are Trustees of the charity and are accountable to the Charity Commission. They and the other committee members give their time voluntarily, and meet six times a year to keep the halls finances buoyant and organise activities and events that bring the village together to enhance community life.

Several members of the management committee have been on the committee for a long time – some for 30 years! and wish to stand down. This creates an opportunity for new ideas, new committee members and a fresh focus for the activities for the hall. In short, the Village Hall committee needs new blood to sustain its management structure. So please consider becoming a member of the committee. It can be fun, entertaining and a chance to meet new people.

The Management Committee runs the Village Hall on behalf of the village and invites the village community to think collectively about the future of this fine historic building; its function, its management, its relationship to the other institutions in the village, other village halls in the area and the role the hall plays for the whole community. 

Gillie King
On behalf of the Village Hall Committee