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Parish News - January 2019

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The Parish Council is eager to replace some of the play equipment on the recreation ground and we need your help to obtain a grant to fund this.

The view in the village is that the most important thing is to have some new multiplay equipment, with a slide, steps, climbing frame and other features. In addition, the roundabout is a favourite but we would like to replace its panels with ones made from material which is durable and does not rot and then need to be replaced.

We do not have enough funds to pay for this project but we can obtain a grant for it. One of the main factors used to decide whether we get the grant is if there is a strong desire in the community for the project. Please write to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it saying what a good idea you think it is to improve our play facilities and how they would then get much more use. The more people who write, the greater the chance of us getting the grant.

There is more information about what we are proposing on the village website so please look there for more details.

There is a new planning application to build a house at Upper Farm in Denton (P18/S3750/FUL). The Parish Council is opposed to this because they regard it as overdevelopment of the site (there have recently been two other barn conversions there), the scale of the proposed dwelling is excessive, it is partly being built on green belt land and the road leading to it is unsuited to the increase in traffic. Also, the Parish Council wants there to be an insistence that the lane is repaired when the construction has been completed.

The District Council has published their local plan explaining proposed developments up to 2034. There will be a large amount of new housing, some of it at several sites on the green belt, and possible development because of the Oxford-Cambridge expressway. You can see the local plan and comment on it at the District Council’s website.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk