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Parish News - February 2019

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In May there will be an election for the new Parish Council.

If you are interested in being a parish councillor then I have more information about this. The term is four years. The work is not very arduous or time consuming and you will have a chance to make the village more into the place you want it to be, apart from helping the community.

Thank you to everyone who wrote saying what a good idea it would be to replace some of the play equipment. It takes a while for the grant application to be processed so we will not know for several months if we have been successful. The money comes from landfill tax which we can have because we are close enough to the landfill site at Sutton Courtenay.

JPPC are managing the planning application at Upper Farm and one of their representatives attended February’s parish council meeting. He agreed to look at moving the house further from the lane, making it no bigger than the size of one of the barns, reducing the garden size, and including a condition so that the access lane is brought back to its previous condition when the construction is completed. He was questioned about the size of the construction traffic using the lane, but not would not commit to using smaller vehicles.

For many years Berinsfield Community Business have cut our grass, but they are going to cease trading soon because they have lost a major contract to cut grass for Soha. Fortunately, one of their contractors has agreed to cut our grass for the same price, so hopefully there will be no disturbance in the service.

Recently Greg Love, with the assistance of Mark Sawyer and Graeme Sellar, has cleared the path by the brook in Denton. The Parish Council would like to thank them for doing this and we are investigating whether this could be done more regularly by our grass contractor.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk