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Photos Letters Maps Archives

• As a result of several projects in the village over the last few years we have acquired a collection materials like photos letters maps etc. relating to the life of Cuddesdon Denton and Chippenhurst over hundreds of years.

A grant has been obtained to create an archive and the village hall Committee agreed to use a room dedicated to the Archives. In order to carry out the filing and cataloguing of the materials we need people from the village interested in helping to do this.

• When everyone has busy lives and lots of pressures on their time the commitment to be a volunteer will be very minimal, namely 6 hours per year, See the dates and commitment below

The time- table

1. First commitment is to attend one 2-hour session in the Village Hall to learn what archives are about and how to manage and catalogue. There will be an option of 2 dates either Saturday 15th June from 2-30pm until 4-3 0pm or Saturday 22nd June from 10am until 12-00pm. Anyone who cannot make one of these dates will have a further option.

2. The second commitment will be to attend just 1 of 5 sessions when we will work in small groups to catalogue and file the archive material in our possession. The dates have not been set for these sessions but will probably be in July/August

3. The third commitment will be to help  once a year for approximately 2 hours to deal with any enquiries from the public on the archive content. For health and safety reasons  there will always 2 people working together do this. Time expected to be a maximum of 2 hours

To conclude being a volunteer for the Village Archives will take up approximately 6 hours per year. Of course people who want to do more can do so if they wish. If you are interested please contact Kathy Hawley  01865 874523 or e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Thank You

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