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Vote in the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

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Vote in the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

The Cuddesdon and Denton Neighbourhood Plan will be put to a referendum vote on Thursday 6th May, all being well with the plans to relax the Covid restrictions.

If for any reason, you’re not going to be here on Thursday 6th May to vote in the local elections, please consider getting a postal vote. You can download the form from the Council’s website  or by telephoning 01235 422528. Fill in the form and send it back by email or post.

You may remember that we started work on the plan in 2017. It’s been a slow process with four consultations (including in the Village Hall to get the view of villagers), an independent landscape character assessment, an independent examination by a Planning Inspector and several drafts of the plan. Covid restrictions have slowed it down further in the last year.

So, we’re very pleased to say that we’re nearly there. The last step is the vote on Thursday 6th May. If more than 50% of those voting, vote ‘yes’ then the plan becomes part of the South Oxfordshire Local Plan. 

See the referendum version of the plan here.

It goes without saying it’s important to vote.

Cuddesdon and Denton Neighbourhood Development Plan Sub-Committee


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