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Beware of Suspicious Phone Calls

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Beware of Suspicious Phone Calls

A local resident has had a suspicious telephone call which they received at home.

The caller asked whether their burglar alarm was connected to the police, and told them that “of course if it isn’t police registered and connected, then the police won’t come out”.

The number was called back, but there was no answer and  no ringtone, making it seem even more suspicious.

If there is someone calling to try to find out which houses to burgle, we all need to be vigilant.

The rules for alarm installers (NACOSS) do not allow cold-calling, especially if the caller tries to frighten the recipient, so please let your friends and neighbours know that if they receive such a call, to ask who is calling and what company they represent. Also, never tell the caller that the alarm is not connected to the police.

It often helps if you ask for the person’s name and company and for a phone number "so we can call back when the householder gets back in a little while”.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 January 2019 13:01 )