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Parish News - March 2019

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The planning application for the development at Dovehouse Farm (P17/S4413/FUL) has only just been granted.

This application was made in 2017 but I am told the delay in it being granted was because some legal discussions have been taking place. The listed building application for the project was granted some time ago.

The District Council have imposed a large number of conditions for the development, relating to things like the materials used, vehicular access, drainage, sewage, landscaping and construction traffic. These conditions are very similar to the ones required for the previous application.

Our application for the grant for the new play equipment has now been submitted. There will not be a decision on whether we are going to receive the money until June.

The Maple Tree Children’s Centre in Wheatley closed when the County Council stopped financing it. But very soon after it reopened as a voluntary organisation with charitable status. The number of children attending from here is higher than nearly any other local village. Tim Bearder, our County Councillor, has donated all of his grant allocation for the year of £15,000 to the Centre. The Centre has published a report which gives information about how it is run, a breakdown of where the children who attend come from, and the Centre’s financial situation. You can see the report on the village website.

We have had the trees along the bottom of the recreation ground pruned and this has very much improved the view across the valley.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk