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Parish News - April 2019

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There are four people who are going to continue being parish councillors.

They are Chris Luke, Ken Meek, Richard Palmer and Arthur Smith-Fitchett. Since only four people are standing there does not need to be an election, and there are vacancies for three more councillors. If you are interested in being a parish councillor then please let me know. I am very happy to tell you what is involved. As I have written before, this is not a very arduous position and can be very rewarding.

The planning application to build a house at Upper Farm (P18/S3750/FUL) has been amended, but the Parish Council still objects to this application because the issues it expressed before have not been addressed.

The Parish Council’s objections are:
• The project is overdevelopment of the site because two barn conversions have already been allowed at the location.
• The proposed dwelling is excessively large.
• Part of the new development is being built on green belt land.
• The access lane is totally unsuited to the inevitable increase in traffic which will result from further development of the site.
• There is a lot of concern locally that the vibration from the increased traffic and the construction traffic will damage the properties next to the lane, particularly the older ones.
• The village Neighbourhood Plan is to be published shortly and this site has not been identified as a location for development in the Plan, and building here is contrary to the Plan’s policy.

Also, the Parish Council is insistent that, if the planning application is granted, there must be a condition that the lane is brought back to its previous state when the development is completed.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk