Parish News - November 2019


The fireworks celebrations were very successful again this year.

All the helpers are very efficient at their duties. We chose an evening when the rain held off for long enough so that the event could take place. The attendance was slightly smaller than last year and so we made a loss.

The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who made the evening go so well, particularly Charles Chapman, Claire Hickson, Ian Holmes-Brown, Gillie King, Therese and Waveney Luke, Susannah McGuinness, Michael Raynor, Graeme Sellar, Tasha and Jez Turner, and Margaret Watts.

Colin Hessey has been co-opted as a parish councillor, filling the vacancy left when Ken Meek resigned. Thank you to Colin for agreeing to do this.

There is a new planning application for the demolition of two barns and construction of a house at Upperfield Farm (P19/S3211/FUL). The application is essentially the same as the previous one, except that asbestos had been discovered at the site and the demolition and construction phases have been separated. There is also a minor change with the inclusion of a wood store near the garage.

The Parish Council is still opposed to this development, largely for the same reasons as before. They believe that it is overdevelopment of the site, allowing the two previous permitted developments should not be used as justification for further development, the proposed dwelling is excessively large, part of the development is being built on green belt land, further development at this location is contrary to our Neighbourhood Plan, and the access lane is totally unsuited to the inevitable increase in traffic and the construction traffic which will result from further development of the site.

The Parish Council has also asked that a condition is included that the lane is brought back to its previous state when the development is completed. They are concerned about damage to the older adjacent buildings because of vibration from the heavy construction traffic, and have asked that only vehicles of limited size are allowed along the lane.

The District Council has decided that the request to install a dormer window at 4 The Lane (P19/S2530/LDP) is a permitted development and so planning permission is not needed.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk