Parish News - March 2020


The Parish Council has been wondering whether there should be additional lighting in the High Street near the Village Hall.

This is quite a dark area at night and it can be difficult to see your way when walking along the pavement. There is a view held by some that the general darkness in the village is desirable, particularly because it allows good views of the night sky and the street lighting is less intrusive into people’s homes. In fact, the new Neighbourhood Plan includes a policy to keep the present level of darkness by not having any additional street lighting, and comments have been made supporting this policy.

The Parish Council does not think an additional street light would be appropriate, particularly given the local feeling, and is investigating whether some less intrusive lighting can be installed, which makes the area safer but keeps the present character of the village.

There is a new planning application for the proposed development at Dovehouse Farm (P20/S0435/DIS). This deals with details required as a result of conditions which were imposed with the previous planning permission, specifically to do with demolition, materials, contamination, drainage, archaeology, external ducts, flue pipes and external venting, windows and doors, wildlife protection and landscaping. The District Council does not require a view on this from the Parish Council.

The latest planning application at Upperfield Farm (P18/S3211/FUL) has been granted by the District Council. The original application was for the demolition of two existing barns and their replacement by a house and garage. This latest application is for separation of the demolition and construction phases of the project, because of the discovery that there may be asbestos at the site. It also allows for there to be a wood store next to the newly constructed garage.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk