Parish News - April 2020


Much of the Parish Council’s effort has been dedicated to making sure that everyone in our community has enough support at this difficult time.

Friends, family and neighbours are taking care of each other, but there is also a Community Support Group, led by the Parish Council with some other interested residents. We have talked to as many households as possible in Cuddesdon and Denton to make sure that everyone, particularly the most vulnerable, receives the support they need. Everyone is contactable by WhatsApp, email or phone. The Support Group has regular virtual meetings using computer video conferencing, to make sure everyone is properly supported.

Everything else the Parish Council is doing seems rather insignificant by comparison. There are no parish council meetings at present, but the councillors are communicating with each other by email. Decisions are still being made on planning applications, because these can be viewed online.

The play area has been roped off because it is against the law to use it at present.

There are not going to be any elections until May 2021. This includes our Neighbourhood Plan referendum, so that will have to take place then.

The government has passed legislation allowing councils to meet using video teleconferencing so it is likely the Parish Council will use this to have meetings if lockdown continues for any length of time.

There is a new planning application for the development at Dovehouse Farm (P20/S0857/FUL) making minor changes to the design of the row of terraced houses. The Parish Council has no objections to this application.

A previous Dovehouse Farm planning application (P20/S0435/DIS) showed many fewer newly planted trees compared to the original application. The District Council did not ask for the Parish Council’s view on this, but we have told them there need to be many more trees, particularly bordering the road.

The Health and Safety Executive have been contacted about the possibility of asbestos contamination at Upperfield Farm, because there was a worry that it might affect nearby neighbours during the building work. The Health and Safety executive do not consider this is enough of a risk to merit further action.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk