Parish News - May 2020


Because of lockdown there was no parish council meeting in April, but legislation was then passed allowing virtual meetings.

So, In May the Parish Council held their first ever virtual meeting using video teleconferencing. It was a success despite the fact that some of us had never taken part in a meeting like this before, and means that the parish council business can carry on almost as normal.

Like all our meetings, virtual meetings are open to the public and you can attend if you have something you want to say, or just want to observe. You can attend by phone if you do not have a computer, although the disadvantage is you cannot see what is going on. Contact me by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or phone me for information on how to join a meeting.

There has been a further revision to the planning application for landscaping at Dovehouse Farm (P20/S0435/DIS) which shows a small increase in the number of trees. The Parish Council and several residents had complained to the District Council about the previous tree planting scheme. The District Council’s Forestry Officer was also not happy about this.

There are not many more trees with the new scheme, and so we have written to the District Council about this again, emphasising that there needs to be a complete row of trees along the southern side of the site, next to the road. This side of the site is visible from a long way off and we feel that the character of the area will be spoilt if the development is not properly screened by trees.

Grass cutting, particularly of the recreation ground, has been irregular so far this year. The first cut was very late and cuts are not being done regularly. I have asked for the recreation ground to be cut once a fortnight, to be cut shorter, and that cutting starts earlier next year.

The only part of the play equipment refurbishment left to be done is the painting of the metalwork on the roundabout. This is going to be painted yellow and it will be done when lockdown permits.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk