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Parish News - June 2020

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It seems likely that the Oxford to Cambridge expressway will not be built near us.

A senior person at Highways England has said that the building of the road to the south of Oxford has been shelved. This decision has been made mainly because of the large number of studies which had been submitted by local organisations indicating that a new road would be very damaging to the local environment. This included a study from our Expressway Action Group.

It is more likely that the new road will now go between the M1 and the M40, rather than between the M11 and the M4. There is still a worry that a road might be built to the south of Oxford, constructed as a project by local government.

Four years ago, the Planning Inspector decided there was not a right of way at the stepping stones in Chippinghurst, so there is not a public footpath across the river at this point. Recently there has been some vandalism at this location: fences have been knocked down and vegetation removed, including the use of weedkiller. Additionally, some large stones were put in the river. There has been trespass and damage to the private property on both sides of the river.

If you have a bonfire in your garden, please think of the effect it will have on your neighbours. If it is a nice sunny day they might want to sit in their garden or their children might want to play there. Their windows might be open or there might be washing hanging out to dry.

Please also give some thought to when you are going to start the bonfire, how long it is going to last for, and which direction the wind is blowing in. And please don’t burn anything like plastic which can cause noxious fumes, particularly if the waste can be recycled.

These are difficult times: people are spending more time at home and it can be difficult to get rid of as much rubbish as you would like. But please have some consideration for your neighbours.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk