Parish News - August 2020


The play area refurbishment project has now been completed.

The project included installation of the new multiplay equipment, replacement of the panels on the roundabout, and replacement of the swing seats and chains. The total grant we received from FCC (the Landfill Communities Fund) was just over £21,000. The contribution from the Parish Council was £2,400.

In line with government recommendations the play area has been re-opened. Users are asked to take particular care with cleanliness when using the play equipment. Two of the swings have been removed so there is appropriate social distancing.

The Parish Council had to carry out a risk assessment to make sure that it was appropriate for the area to be opened. It is also a requirement that we post notices saying what precautions should be taken when using the equipment. 

The basketball backboard has been replaced because the old one had broken up. There was a delay in obtaining a replacement because of lockdown. Hopefully the new backboard will last for many years.

The annual RoSPA inspection of the play equipment has recently been successfully completed.

There is a planning application at Lower Farm in Denton for the erection of a garage and a single storey extension (P20/S1957/HH and P20/S1958/LB). The Parish Council has recommended that this should be approved.

Recently, cars are being parked more often in front of the entrance to the recreation ground. A little while ago a cut of the recreation ground had to be delayed because the entrance was blocked. It can be difficult to find a parking space in this part of the village but please try to leave the entrance clear so people can enjoy the recreation ground with the grass short enough to play ball games on.

John Howell, our MP, recently wrote to the local town and parish councils. In his letter he wrote about the expressway and said that “no work is being undertaken on it and I regard the Oxfordshire end of the project as being effectively dead”.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk