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Parish News - September 2020

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At the same time as the trespass and vandalism at the stepping stones in Chippinghurst, I received a freedom of information request about the crossing.

The request came from a company of property consultants and land agents whose registered office is in Ruislip.

They asked me for copies of all the documents the parish council has relating to the stepping stones and said they acted “for a number of residents that have concerns how the public enquiries were dealt with regarding the stepping stones”.

I hold quite a large number of documents relating to the stepping stones and these have now been sent as requested. Expenses are chargeable for a freedom of information request and an appropriate fee was paid.

I reported previously that the Parish Council and the District Council’s Forestry Officer are concerned about the small number of trees that are proposed for the southern side of the Dovehouse Farm development next to the road. Phase 1 of the development is taking place at present, which is the building of the row of new terraced houses at the back of the site. Landscaping is phase 4 of the project and the planning officer has written to say that she has told the developer that he will need to include plans for further tree planting before the later phases are approved.

The Forestry Officer is also concerned about some trees at the north west corner of the site. These trees have a tree preservation order and the Forestry Officer wants the developer to make sure they are not damaged during the development, particularly that their roots are not affected by new foundations.

A request has been made for there to be a permitted development to convert a barn to a house at The Platt in Chippinghurst (P20/S2946/N4B).

A large branch broke off the horse chestnut tree on Cuddesdon Green in a recent storm, narrowly missing a car parked nearby. The branch was quickly cleared up by some councillors assisted by Peter Rutt with his chain saw. We are going to have the tree checked to make sure it is safe.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk