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Parish News - October 2020

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The Parish Council has bought a defibrillator and it is going to be installed outside the Village Hall, so it is available for everyone.

There will be training on how to use the defibrillator and everyone will be invited to come to this. The training will take place when the pandemic is over. There is also an online training video and I will publicise this when the defibrillator becomes operational so everyone can watch it.

The defibrillator is simple to use, you could save lives if you know how it works, and I recommend that everyone learns how to use it.

We have to register the defibrillator with the Ambulance Service and they have asked for there to be two Guardians who will look after it. The Guardians will need to check the defibrillator occasionally to make sure that it is in good working order, and will be contacted by the Ambulance Service if the defibrillator is used or there are any queries about it. If you are prepared to be a Guardian, please let me know.

The horse chestnut tree on Cuddesdon Green has been checked to make sure it is safe. Unfortunately, it needs to be reduced to about half its present size and this work will be done soon. It is a shame that the tree will be smaller, but good that we will not lose it altogether.

The developer at Dove House Farm has suggested that the access road at the new development should be called Manor Farm Road. The Parish Council feel this is not an appropriate name for the location, and have asked for the road to be called Dove House Lane.

Denton Hill is going to be closed again on 24th November for roadworks to overhaul a trunk main valve. From the map sent to me it looks as if the work is being done very close to the place where the roadworks and resurfacing work took place recently.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk