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Parish News - November 2020

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The road to Cuddesdon Mill at the Dove House Farm development is going to be closed in the new year from 11th January to 19th February.

This is so that a sewage pipe and gas main can be laid. The road is also going to be widened in places and a new footpath is going to be built.

The sewage pipe is going to be connected to a main at the western end of the road at the corner next to the high wall. A hole will be excavated here during the first two weeks. After that, it may be possible to open the road at weekends.

The District Council has agreed that the access road to the development will be called Dove House Lane. The barn will be called The Tithe Barn, the two converted buildings will be The Granary and The Dairy (1 and 2 Dove House Lane) and the terraced buildings will be 3 to 7 Dove House Lane.

Permission has been granted for the planning application for minor changes to the terraced houses at Dove House Farm (P20/S0857/FUL).

There are two new planning applications for Dove House Farm (P20/S3837/DIS, P20/S3901/DIS) relating to the discharge of conditions such as the materials which are going to be used. No comment on these applications is required from the Parish Council.

There is a new planning application for extensions and alterations at Chiltern View at the top of Denton Hill (P20/S3927/HH). This is opposed by the Parish Council because they think there is insufficient parking space.

The Parish Council asks that residents take their refuse bins away fairly promptly after they have been emptied. Sometimes empty bins are left out for a while, and this is inconvenient and unsightly.

I have written to the District Council about collection of our rubbish pointing out that bins are often left blocking pavements, side roads or drive entrances, and they are often not left near where they have been taken from. Food waste bins are treated with little respect and are easily damaged.

There is also a problem with refuse collections not being made on the correct day. Sometimes areas are missed and it can be several days before the bins are emptied, meaning the bins have to be left out for a while.

The situation seems to be getting progressively worse. I have asked that the collection team treat the bins and our village with more respect.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk