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Parish News - January 2021

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The horse chestnut on Cuddesdon Green has been heavily pruned to make it safe.

It looks very mournful at present but should recover in the spring.

The defibrillator at the Village Hall is now fully operational. It is inside a locked box and the code to open it will be given when the emergency services are called. The defibrillator is simple to use and there are voice prompts for guidance. There will be training on how to use it when the pandemic is over and everyone will be encouraged to take part in this. In the meantime, there is online training, with a link to this on the village website. Please take a look at the video.

There is a new planning application for an extension and alterations at Willow Cottage in Denton (P20/S3991/HH). The Parish Council has no objections to this application.

There are two new applications for the Dove House Farm development, both for minor changes such as to the gardens and parking (P20/S4425/LB and P20/S4472/FUL). The Parish Council has no objections to either of these applications.

Our usual Wheatley supplier did not sell Christmas trees this year, but we managed to obtain one for Cuddesdon Green from a trader in Princes Risborough.

I have recently reported to the County Council about the damage caused by cars parking on the verge near Coombe Wood. I asked for the damage to be rectified and the verges to be protected. The County Council is not prepared to commit to do anything about this.

The County Council is also not prepared to repair the damaged road near Lower Farm or unblock the drain on Denton Hill, where water is continuously running down the road. Tim Bearder, our County Councillor, has said he will see if he can get this blockage cleared. He previously used his influence to have the drain near Wellbourne corner unblocked.

The salt bin which had been wrongly sited near Cuddesdon Mill has now been moved to the correct place near the church. There is also a new salt bin near Brookside.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk