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Parish News - February 2021

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When the planning application for Dove House Farm was first submitted, there were concerns that there was not enough capacity if the additional sewage ran through the sewer main across Denton Green.

Thames Water have confirmed that the sewage will flow through the sewer at Denton Green, and I have been pressing them to let me know the capacity of this sewer and what its throughput will be. They have not supplied me with any flow rate figures but they have told me that the sewer is currently on a planned cleaning programme to ensure the flows are not restricted due to the build-up of fats, oil and grease. The report from this has shown that the sewer has good structural integrity with adequate capacity.

They said that if there were concerns with the capacity of the sewer then modelling would be undertaken and flow monitoring equipment would be used to measure the actual flow rates. The Parish Council wanted the modelling and the flow rate measurements to be done but Thames Water are not prepared to do this. They said that their survey results showed there was adequate capacity and they had no concerns about the additional flow from the new development.

During the recent road closure at Dove House Farm, the utilities were installed. Building the pavement and resurfacing of the road were not done because there was a problem with the insurance bond between Natta and the County Council. There will need to be another road closure later in the year so this work can be done.

Tim Bearder, our County Councillor, has been trying to get the road at Upper Farm repaired and the blocked drain on Denton Hill fixed, but the County Council will still not commit to doing anything about these issues.

If you park on Denton Hill, please park your car as close to the edge of the road as possible so that tractors and other large vehicles can get by.

The District Council has granted the planning application for an extension and other changes at Chiltern View at the top of Denton Hill (P20/S3927/HH).

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk