Parish News - March 2021


Last year the Parish Council worked hard to reduce the amount of water flowing down the road near Wellbourne.

This was by a combination of the County Council repairing broken pipework between drains and unblocking other drains, and Thames Water repairing a water main. The road had been badly damaged by a combination of the water and frost and it was repaired and resurfaced.

So, it was a disappointment recently to see so much water flowing down the road again, caused by work at the Dove House Farm development. There are springs just above the road so it is a difficult problem to fix. We asked Natta to rectify the situation and they have significantly reduced the flow for now.

Three planning applications have been granted by the District Council: for a new rear extension and other changes at Chiltern View, Denton Hill (P20/S3927/HH), for amendments to the application for conversion of the barns at Dove House Farm (P20/S4425/LB), and for variation of conditions relating to the original Dove House Farm application (P20/S4472/FUL).

A motion sensitive solar powered light has been installed next to the defibrillator so it can be seen at night, as well as lighting up this dark part of the High Street near the Village Hall when people walk by.

The amount of litter on the roads near the village is noticeably less since people have been on solo litter picks. Unfortunately, new litter appears as soon as the old has been removed. Public spiritedly, a group from Wheatley have cleared litter near Coombe Wood at the junction with the Garsington Road, although this is not in their parish.

We are using the same grass cutting contractor again this year. I have asked him to start cutting sooner because the grass, particularly on the recreation ground, was rather long before its first cut last year.

One of the worst areas for dog mess at present is along the footpath next to Denton Brook. Please pick up any dog mess which your pet leaves.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk