Parish News - September 2021


The County Council has signed the section 278 agreement for the lane next to the Dove House development. This is the agreement with Natta about the work which is going to be done to the lane.

Natta hope to do this work in October and November.

The design includes a footpath cutting through the verge outside 12 The Green. This is to reduce the footpath’s slope and the Parish Council is strongly opposed to it.

There are also concerns about the road layout at the two corners. At the upper corner there is going to be a footpath on the outside of the bend as well as the lane and so this could be quite dangerous. The lower corner at the site entrance has always been used as a passing place and the Parish Council want the road markings still to allow there to be one there. These points are being discussed with the County Council.

Natta are very aware of local concern about water flowing onto the lane and are continuing to make efforts to ensure that this is not a problem. Natta have confirmed that a new wall will be built in front of the tithe barn but the Parish Council remains concerned about the small number of trees proposed at this location.

Salt Sellar has decided to resign as a councillor, although he will still be helping as he has before with things like bonfire night. The Parish Council is very grateful for all the work Salt has put in. If you are interested in replacing Salt and becoming a councillor, please talk to one of the councillors or me about it.

There are a lot of planning applications again this month, so I will be brief:

P21/S2103/LB Dove House Farm. Conversion of barns into three dwellings. Granted.

P21/S2499/LB Lower Farm, Denton. Alterations to an existing annexe. Granted.

P21/S3096/HH Plot 1, Dove House Farm. Erection of a garden room. Withdrawn.

P21/S3212/LB The Orchard, Cuddesdon. Addition of a dormer window. Granted.

P21/S3328/FUL and P21/S3228/LB Dove House Farm. Both opposed by the Parish Council because of the small number of trees in front of the tithe barn.

P21/S3174/HH Appletree Cottage, Denton. Replacement of a garage with a new garage and an annexe. The Parish Council has responded, rather than supporting or objecting. The concerns are the size, the lack of drainage and the impact on the neighbours.

P21/S3711/HH 2 Dove House Lane. Erection of a shed in the front garden. Supported by the Parish Council.

P21/S3800/HH and P21/S3802/LB Willow Cottage, Denton, Extension and alteration works. Supported by the Parish Council.

The road at the railway bridge in Horspath is going to be closed from 10th October for about eight weeks for work to be done to the bridge.


Mike Mount

Parish Clerk