Parish News - October 2021


The work to the lane at the Dove House development is now scheduled to start on 17th January and be completed by 25th February.

The work will include installing the footpath, refurbishing the lane and doing the adjacent landscaping. The reason for the delay in the work being done is because the County Council have insisted that Natta ask for a new road closure although the old one was meant to last for 18 months. As before I will ask Natta to keep the lane open whenever possible overnight and at weekends.

The County Council have agreed that there will not be a new footpath along the verge at 12 The Green. They have also accepted that the give way markings at the entrance to Dove House Lane can be as far back as possible while there is still good visibility for vehicles coming out. Hopefully this means that the lane going past will be wide enough at this point so there is effectively still a passing place.

The Parish Council is still concerned about the safety of the corner at the high wall, where there will be a footpath as well as the lane. We have asked the County Council to give further thought to making the lane wider here.

There have been no volunteers to replace Salt Sellar as a parish councillor. If you are interested, please tell one of the councillors or me. It is not a very arduous job and you might enjoy it.

We are taking the dog bin off the gate into the recreation ground to declutter the area. Please will dog owners put their dog mess (in a plastic bag) in the ordinary bin on the other side of the gate.

Branches have fallen off both the trees on the verge in the High Street opposite the pub. Some time ago we asked the County Council to remove the fallen branches and check the safety of the trees.

Recently the contractor removed the cuttings when he cut the recreation ground, making it easier for people to play sports, particularly football. Although this is more expensive, we hope to get it done sooner and more regularly next year, depending on when it is needed.

Mike Mount

Parish Clerk