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Parish News - May 2010

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The village website has been running for more than a year now. Among other things it includes anything which is sent in, the articles from the Newsletter and information about the running of the Parish Council, for example minutes of the meetings and the annual accounts.

Also, I try to keep it up to date with any information I receive from elsewhere, for example about the progress of the Dovehouse planning application.

The website is for everybody, so if there is something you want to say, even if it’s provocative (but not offensive) then send it in using the contact link on the home page. The more articles and views received from different people the better. It is also a good place to advertise forthcoming events and there is a section for advertising anything you want to sell, for which of course there is no charge.

There has been a steady stream of visitors to the site. Most parts of it are only looked at by a few people, but some areas have had more than a hundred visits.

Because of the poor state of the roads, the County Council is putting an extra £1.25M into road repairs, of which the government has provided an emergency grant of £1M. Despite this additional funding, some work is still needed in our area, and the Parish Council has asked for repairs to be done, particularly to fix the potholes at Parkside and near Wellbourne corner, and to improve the condition of some of the passing places.

At May’s Parish Council meeting, Martyn Percy was re-elected chairman for the coming year, with David Keene remaining as vice-chairman.