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Parish News - March 2014

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Tasha Turner has recently started a facebook page called Cuddesdon and Denton Community News. It is very popular and informative, and I recommend you to take a look at it.


The Parish Council regularly spends a large amount of time discussing parking, particularly on the High Street and on Denton Hill. The Parish Council is well aware that it is sometimes difficult for residents to find a space to park, particularly if they do not have off street parking of their own. Recently a vehicle damaged the roof of a thatched cottage on Denton Hill and the Parish Council was asked to request that double yellow lines were put along this section of road to prevent parking there. The County Council have told us before that they do not want this road to have double yellow lines. They feel that when cars are parked there it causes the traffic to go more slowly, making it safer. This is apart from any inconvenience that double yellow lines would cause for local residents who park there.

The Parish Council is still pressing to have the gully on the side of the road on Denton Hill repaired. The damaged surface is making the road increasingly dangerous. The County Council has promised to do the work, but they have still not taken any action. In addition we are trying to get potholes fixed elsewhere, for example on the way to Cuddesdon Mill. It is very frustrating trying to get any response from the County Council to indicate when the work will be done.

Garsington School have now appointed Ken Meek as their new governor for Cuddesdon and Denton. Ken lives in Denton and all three of his now grown up children went to Garsington School

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk