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Parish News - June 2014

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You may be aware that a tree from one of the gardens in Bishop’s Wood fell into the garden of a property in Parkside during one of last winter’s storms. It was a fairly large tree and did quite a lot of damage in the garden although fortunately it just missed the house in Parkside.


Countryside Services at the County Council were interested to hear about this because there is a footpath which runs between Bishop’s Wood and Parkside and the County Council was concerned that it should be safe for walkers. They have visually checked the trees beside the footpath and think that none of them is likely to fall over.

The Parish Council would like to remind everyone that they are responsible for the trees in their garden, and they should make sure they are safe and are not likely to fall into public areas where people walk or there is traffic.

Mike Roberts from the Oxfordshire Ramblers has volunteered to be the Parish Path Warden for our area. He will walk the paths and check they are in good order, for example that no paths are overgrown or styles broken. If you see a problem which needs attention, please let me know and I will liaise with Mike.

From time to time cars are still parked across the entrance to the recreation ground. This can be a problem when the lawn mower needs to get onto the recreation ground to cut the grass. It is often difficult to park in this part of the village but please leave the entrance free. If the lawn mower cannot get in then the grass is not cut and it will be a month between cuts.

There is a new planning application at the old Vicarage, 49 High Street (P14/S1642/HH). This is to close off the existing driveway onto the High Street with a wall of matching stone, and open a new gateway about 9m further up the hill.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk