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Parish News - August 2014

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The planning application for the housing development at Dovehouse Farm (P10/W0093) has been approved. The plans are as proposed at the start of last year with some minor changes, with six houses, two maisonettes, and the listed barn converted to offices. The scheme also includes a footpath into the village beside the existing road.

When the Parish Council acquired Cuddesdon Green from Mr Nixey in 1976, it was agreed that no buildings would be allowed to be constructed on this public space. In order to erect a war memorial there it is necessary for this agreement to be modified. We have applied to the District Council for this modification (P14/S2041/MPO). In addition, planning permission is needed for the memorial to be put on the Green, and an application is being prepared for this. The lottery fund has given a grant of £10,000 for this project.

The County Council was first told about the damage to the side of the road in Denton Hill last November. Since then an engineer has visited and painted some markings on the road, although the damage has not been repaired. The Parish Council would like you to ask the County Council to fix the road, in the hope that if enough people complain then something will be done. Please e-mail them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 0845 310 11 11 to complain about the situation.

An application has been made for conversion of a farm building into a dwelling at Upper Farm in Denton (P14/S2478/PAR). The application is for a permitted development, so if it is allowed than a planning application will not be required.

The planning application to move the vehicle entrance at the Old Vicarage, 49 High Street further up the hill (P14/S1642/HH) was recommended for approval by the Parish Council and the District Council has agreed that it should be approved.

Mike Mount
Parish Clerk